Sometimes someone put up lots of pictures (Pic001.jpg, Pic002.jpg etc.) without a proper overview or index page. To browse through the pictures you can change the number part in the URL by hand, but this takes a lot of time. The URL-scanner takes an URL, looks for the numeric part, and increments or decrements the number automatically.

Simply enter (or copy) the URL into the textbox and then press ENTER or click "refresh". Then use the "Previous" and "Next" buttons to browse through the pictures or items. You can use extra zero's to force the number of trailing zero's. The right-most number in URL is presumed to be the "variable" number. If you want another number in the URL to be the variable, you must use the <number> keyword. See the example below.

Here are some examples:

Notice the difference with and without the <number> keyword:<number>/001.jpg

Copy/mirror the URL-scanner
If you want to mirror or copy my URL-scanner, you need the following 3 files:
Right click, choose "save target as" and save the 3 files to the same folder.