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My emailprovider, NamePlanet.Com has stopped providing free email, and as their service stink I will not pay for continued service, so sending emails is now a waste of time - Sorry

This site may become unstable every now and then. This is due to Geocities closing it down if I get too much traffic, I dont know why the site has become so popular, but Im grateful nonetheless, thanks for your interest, and please come again if your downloads failed. Sorry for the inconvinience.

Patchworks, savegame editors, cheats and powerpacks are available from the links to the left. If you want to host any of these you may want to check out the 'Distribution' link. Other technical info is also available for those who are interrested. The site policy is to ditribute my patches to the users and to help the users keeping track of the latest updates. Some patches has been updated, but many sites is still serving the OLD version of the patch. This is ofcourse the sad truth about all distribution through internet, by always offering the latest news here I hope to get rid of some of this confusion.So the advantage of this site is that all new cheats or patches will be updated here first, the con is that nonBaSFTechpatches wont be uploaded here at all.If you got any suggestions, requests or comments, please send me a mail about it and Ill answer as fast as I can.
This site was created to learn HTML coding. Its written entirely in notepad, and is naturally restricted by that. But the design isnt the main point anyway. I learnt html and you got access to most of my patchworks. I do hope you like it though :)

Latest update: Tokimeiki Check in - CG-Patch
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