The hsection of funt
BaSFTech was founded about three years ago when I first tried the game 'True Love' by Otaku publishing. I have always been a fan of oldstyle adventuregames and quickly got addicted to the hgame genre to. The group I was part of, funt, wasnt too excited though and there wasnt any existing group, so I decided to go solo until a better alternative presented itself. This was quite a step though, my previous work was mainly in general electronics, not in computers. Im not totally without skills though, I have worked a bit with computers through the years, and Im on my way to the Cand.scient.grad title.
BaSFTech is,as you problably understand, just for fun. I hope that some good has come out of it though, some of the work Ive done is actually quite popular so something must be right :)

Many of the patches available where made due to requests, so if there is something you wish, dont hesitate to ask. But have in mind that I dont speak japaneese, so I cant do translation patches.